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I am currently available for wedding photography (small event and reception); senior, family and other portraits, artistic photography, glamour and product. If you have a specific need not address on this webpage, please contact me.



Some documents of interest (Adobe PDF):

Price Structure

To see a current fee schedule, click here.


TFP (Time for Print) Guidelines - Trade Shoots

There has been some confusion about what I offer in exchange for TFP/CD, so here are some rough guidelines:

  • Bringing an escort to a TFP shoot is acceptable.  However, the model is responsible for the escort.  Any disrespect, disruption or other inappropriate behavior on behalf of the escort will result in the termination of the shoot.

  • Images from the shoot in unedited, web-size resolution will be posted in a private gallery for the purposes of preview and editing selection. 

  • The model will be given the option of selecting 3 images for full editing. These three images will be offered in print resolution and a convenient web resolution. Web images may be tagged.

  • Physical paper prints can be made, but the price of printing is NOT included under the TFP/CD agreement. If you need prints for a book, please contact me for further details.

  • Do NOT ask me for the RAW images from a shoot. I realize that some photographers are okay with the practice of sharing RAW files - I am not. If you have a special purpose in mind that requires use of one of my RAWs, then we can talk.

  • No one is authorized to photograph one of my concepts without permission (this primarily applies to "escorts".) If I see an escort using a disposable camera, cell phone or other "camera", consider the shoot over and the contract nullified. It's just rude!

  • Please do not ask me for ALL of the images unless we have discussed such an arrangement in advance. I make judgment calls in post-processing. If a shot is sub-par, I'm not going to release it for use.

  • I do not share copyright when shooting trade. This may seem unfair, but there's nothing stopping a client from robbing me blind if I surrender copyright. I am a flexible person. If you are willing to offer a profit share or other means of compensation, then we can discuss "shared" arrangements.

  • Other arrangements may be made, but any deviation from these guidelines will be fully discussed prior to a TFP shoot taking place.

Info & FAQs

The guidelines in this section are subject to change at any time.